Cubadak Island “The Paradise Of West Sumatra”

Cubadak Island is located in the county of Pesisir Selatan, West Sumatra Province. It is one of dozens of small islands located in West Sumatra, precisely in the Pesisir Selatan county. It is about 77.4 km from the center of Padang City and can be reached in about 2 hours 35 minutes by motorbike or car, heading to Cubadak Island which can be accessed easily by motorbike, car, bus or other transportation. And if you are outside of West Sumatra and want to take a vacation to Cubadak Island, you can take a plane to Minangkabau International Airport. The airport distance to Cubadak Island is around 99.5 km. Can be reached in about 3 hours 14 minutes drive.


Cubadak Island has many kinds of fun water activities. Starting from diving, snorkeling, sailing, water skiing, banana boat, to canoeing can be done on this island.And if you want to dive but you are not good at it, don’t worry. Because the manager of Cubadak Island provided Paradiso dive instructor services who are internationally certified and ready to train and guide tourists.


To enjoy the beauty of Cubadak Island you don’t pay an entrance ticket, it’s FREE, you only pay for parking Rp. 3000 for motorbike and Rp. 5,000 for car.


Travel Tips:


Before visiting Cubadak Island, visitors should pay attention to the following things:

·         If you want to stay for a few days, it’s better to book in advance through the official Cubadak Paradisso Village website.

如果您想住几天,最好通过Cubadak Paradisso Village官方网站提前预订。

·         If you don’t want to stay overnight, you can still visit with confirmation via call in advance.


·         If you are not a resort guest, and you want to walk around the beach area, it’s better to get permission from the manager first.


·         But if you wanna make it simple, you can use local travel services that have provided many Cubadak Island tour packages with competitive prices.






Translated by:

Ahyan Ilman Qudsi

Capital Medical Univeristy

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