Danau Laut Tinggal 洋留湖泊


Danau Laut Tinggal is a natural volcanic lake located at an altitude of 1940 meters above sea level, around 20 kilometers away from Sitobu Village, West Pasaman, West Sumatera. Danau Laut Tinggal has a beautiful water scenery with unique green-tosca’s color. In the middle of Malintang mount has a pristine mountain rainforest with fresh air, a natural scenery, and the beautiful sound of birds. In addition, you can enjoy a hot springfall in the area, followed a small spring that flows empties into the lake.

To get there, you could option for road access using public transport that go via Bukittinggi or Padang City to Rabi Jonggor, it will take approximately 3 to 4 hours by bus, and you can rent a motorcycle get directly to Sitobu Village, then continue to start walking to the top of Malintang mount, it takes 9 hours to climb the stairs and reach Danau Laut Tinggal.


– For your own safety, carrying all the equipment up onto the mount, arrange the setting time and pay attention to physical strength before start to your journey.

– There are not directions go to the location, so you should take tour guide with you to climb the mountain for safety.

– Don’t drink the lake water inside, if you feel thirsty, try to find a small spring that flows around the lake.

– It is free to enter this area, only need tour guide fee with a deal before.

洋留湖位于西苏门答腊省西帕萨曼县Sitobu村马林塘山约20公里处,是一座海拔1940米的天然火山湖。洋留湖是一道湖水颜色独特,豆绿色的马林塘山的中部有一片原始的山地雨林,风景如画很自然,空气清新。此外, 洋留湖附近有一个温泉湖,属于流入湖中的小泉水。

该位置可以从Bukittinggi或Padang市出发。乘坐约3- 4个小时的公交车到Rabi Jonggor村 (车费150千印尼盾)。到了Rabi Jonggor村之后,您可以租一辆摩托车前往Sitobu村(租费100千印尼盾),大约需要骑45 分钟摩托车就到。从Sitobu村到Malintang山岳顶上,还需要爬山九个小时左右,才能到洋留湖泊的位置。


– 为了自己的安全,请注意身体强壮,穿登山鞋或凉鞋山,因为爬山时将过很长时间,别忘带自己需要的饭,以及必须安排设置时间。

– 因为该山没有任何指标或路牌明,所以为了您的安全,我们建议您要带本土人或导游陪伴着您去爬山。

– 禁止喝湖的水!口渴时,请找流入湖中的小泉水。

– 进入地方是免门票的,只需要付导游费。

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Translated by

Nadrah – Nanchang University

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